Month: June 2016

36 Before 36

And here it is… the moment you have all been waiting for… I now present: my yearly goals list! Ok, I’m sure no one cares but me. That’s fine. This really isn’t for you, it is for me. The last few years of putting this list together have been a lot of fun. I love working toward these goals and tweaking my list throughout the year. And now, for my 36 [goals] before [I am] 36 [years old]! Run an IRONMAN 70.3 event – IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio (August 21st) Run in an Abbott World Major Marathon – Chicago Marathon (October 8th)...

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Training Plan

Here is my Pelotonia -> IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio -> Chicago Marathon training plan, straight from my Google Sheet. Actual activity and stats can be seen on my Strava...

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About Me

Josh Zeigler

My name is Josh Zeigler and live in Powell, Ohio. I am a family guy, tech geek, sports nut, Disney addict, and amateur triathlete. This is my personal blog site and digital playground. Here, I write about my life and anything that is on my mind...

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