Here are some of the events that I am training for.

Soldier Field 10 Mile
Soldier Field 10 Mile
Chicago, Illinois
2017-05-2710 miles01:24:1000:01:20Running
MinoMan Triathlon
MingoMan Triathlon
Delaware State Park - Delaware, Ohio
2017-06-25Olympic (32.1 miles)02:52:1302:50:00Triathlon
Ohio State Ross Heart Hospital TriFit Challenge
Ross Heart Health TriFit Challenge

Columbus, Ohio
2017-07-15Challenge (Olympic) Distance02:52:1302:50:00Triathlon
Pelotonia 2017

Columbus, Ohio to Gambier, Ohio (Reynolds Road Route) and Gambier, Ohio to New Albany, Ohio
2017-08-05100 Miles06:30:586:15:00
Pelotonia 2017

Gambier, Ohio to New Albany, Ohio
2017-08-0680 Miles05:30:0005:00:00Cycling